Peacemaking Assistance from RMCC

Each of us occasionally needs a listening ear, prayer, and godly advice to deal with the conflicts of daily life. Our church’s reconcilers are well qualified to give this support, and I myself have sometimes turned to one of them for wisdom and guidance. If you are in a conflict, I encourage you to call a reconciler and draw on their special gifts, training, and experience. —Pastor Alfred Poirier

counselingIt is our earnest desire to be clear in all of our communications with you as we seek to serve you through the RMCC Peacemaking Team. Once you have made every appropriate effort to resolve your conflict privately through the biblical principles of confession, confrontation, forgiveness, and negotiation, it may be appropriate to seek assistance from other Christians.

All members, lay leaders, and ordained leaders of Rocky Mountain Community Church have received some training in biblical peacemaking and should be able to help you with many of your conflicts. In addition, many of our members and all of our pastoral staff members have received advanced training from Peacemaker Ministries and are available to help you with more complicated and formal conflicts. All of our peacemaking services are coordinated by the RMCC Peacemaking Team.

To formally request peacemaking assistance from Rocky Mountain Community Church, please follow these steps:

  1. Educate yourself about biblical peacemaking and make every effort to work through the conflict privately and directly with the other person. The foundational principles on the Peacemaker Ministries website will be of great help to you with this step.defineTerms

  2. Contact our Peacemaking Team Administrator to prayerfully discuss your situation and determine the best way we might be of service to you. (Biblical peacemaking consists of conflict coaching, mediation, and arbitration and our Peacemaking Team regularly facilitates all of these types of conflict resolution.) For more information on peacemaking, visit the
    Peacemaker Ministries' Introduction to
    Christian Conciliation

  3. If our Peacemaking Team Administrator and you agree to move forward with peacemaking assistance, you will be asked to review and sign our Peacemaking Agreement to help clarify expectations, explain the scope of our service to you, and specify our rules and procedures for all peacemaking assistance.

If you have any questions about our peacemaking assistance, please feel free to leave a message at the church office and a member of the peacemaking team will contact you.

PLEASE NOTE: All peacemaking assistance provided by the Rocky Mountain Community Church Peacemaking Team and pastoral staff is provided in accordance with the Guidelines for Christian Conciliation of Peacemaker Ministries. We do not provide professional counseling or legal advice.