Do your children get into conflicts?
Do your children know how to resolve conflicts?
Are they learning to respond to conflict in ways that are helpful or harmful?

Each summer, Rocky Mountain Community Church hosts Peacemaker Clubs--a fun and interactive Vacation Bible School that teaches children how to respond to conflict in a way that pleases God.

Families may choose between two times: 10:00 a.m. to Noon or 2:00-4:00 p.m.
The clubs are offered free as a service to the community.

What are Peacemaker Clubs?

Peacemaker Clubs are 5-day clubs that use games, puppet shows, crafts, songs, and skits to teach children 5-10 years old to resolve conflict using practical principles from the Bible.

Young people face destructive conflict in the home, school,
or playground on a daily basis. 

Peacemaker Clubs seek to make the Billings and Bozeman communities more peaceful by instilling the skills to understand, respond to, and prevent conflict.  If these skills are learned at an early age, young people can avoid forming destructive habit patterns.  As the young people grow older, basic principles of heart motivation, forgiveness, and respectful communication will prove their worth again and again in marriage, peacemakeryoungfamily, friendships, and the workplace.

Peacemaker Clubs are based on material from The Young Peacemaker curriculum by Corlette Sande of Peacemaker Ministries, an international ministry based out of Billings, Montana.  Lessons will be taught by junior high and high school students from Rocky Mountain Community Church (Billings) and Gallatin Valley Presbyterian Church (Bozeman).  Adult staff will be present during the clubs.

These lessons can be summarized in twelve key principles:

  1. Conflict is a slippery slope.
  2. Conflict starts in the heart.
  3. Choices have consequences.
  4. Wise choices are better than my-way choices.
  5. The blame game makes conflict worse.
  6. Conflict is an opportunity.
  7. The five A's can resolve conflict.
  8. Forgiveness is a choice.
  9. It is never too late to start doing what is right.
  10. Think before you speak.
  11. Respectful communication is more likely to be heard.
  12. A respectful appeal can prevent conflict.

Schedule of Events

Monday--Conflict Starts in the Heart, Romans 5:9
Tuesday--The Slippery Slope of Conflict, Romans 12:18
Wednesday--Get the Log Out, 1 John 1:9
Thursday--Respectful Words Prevent Conflict, Ephesians 4:29
Friday--The Freedom of Forgiveness, Ephesians 4:32

If you'd like to purchase the curriculum for Peacemaker Clubs, please click here.