Guidelines for scheduling an event at RMCC

The church director maintains the official church calendar.  In all cases, use of the building and contents must be approved and scheduled with the
church director.  After scheduling an event, parties must meet in person with the church director at the building to discuss their needs for the event.  A Building Use Agreement must be signed by each non-RMCC or non-Grace.Net event. 

Building contents may be borrowed by members and friends of RMCC for brief periods.  “Friends” are those who regularly attend RMCC worship services and are growing in participation in the life and ministry of RMCC.  The
church director must approve the quantity and timing of contents to be removed.

At any time, if something goes wrong, please let the building manager or
church director know.  We understand wear and tear, and accidents happen.  If you can help repair or replace the item, please do.  But please let us know so that things are ready for the next event.

Thank you so much for your cooperation.  Not everyone notices the upgrades that have been done over the years, but many people have worked hard for many hours to give us access to a well-furnished, beautiful building.  Please join together in keeping it up as we serve the Lord Jesus in our various activities and events.