Welcome from Pastor Alfred


Dear Friend,

Finding your way to a new church can produce a lot of anxiety.  Hopefully, our website will answer your initial questions and help you feel at home.  For more than 30 years, folks from our community have called Rocky “home.”  We hope you will too!  Our history is rich and our roots deep.

We are rich in the fellowship of our God—the Father who adopts us, the Son who died for us and rules over us, and Holy Spirit who dwells in us.  That is amazing grace!

Our roots are deep.  We are anchored in God’s Word—the Holy Bible.  We stand on the shoulders of God’s Church, especially our spiritual fathers of the 16th century Protestant Reformation.  They put amazing back into grace!  Yet, our best days are still ahead.  God is not through with us yet.  Christ continues to rescue and transform lives.  We welcome you to join with us to worship and to work, to love and to grow united in God’s family.

Won’t you join us this Sunday and experience with us the life-changing grace of God?

In the Joy of our Lord Jesus Christ, 

Pastor Alfred