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We believe the world needs more churches. On any given Sunday, only 2.2 billion of the world’s 7.5 billion people will even consider going to church.


In Bangladesh, less than 2% of its 165 million people are Christians. In Mexico, only 10% of the country’s
129 million people attend an
evangelical church.


In our own Billings, Montana, under 14% of residents claim affiliation with an evangelical church, and over 60% don’t go to church at all. Yet the church is where people hear the good news of Christ’s saving grace. The church is where people will grow in that same grace. And the church is where people are equipped to share the good
news with others. 


By planting more churches, we create opportunities for people to meet
Christ where they are.




Billings, Montana

Members of RMCC serve throughout our community in many capacities, obeying Jesus’ call to make him known. As a church, we are particularly involved with the Montana Rescue Mission, La Vie, and Love, Inc. Opportunities for service include gifts of time, labor, money, resources, and relationship building. Please contact one of our deacons to find out how you can work with us to build Christ’s kingdom.


Northern Mexico

RMCC has been involved in missions in northern Mexico for over 20 years. We are excited to be partners with a church planting movement throughout northern Mexico. This movement is called the Center for Church Planting or CPI. CPI is an almost entirely Mexican-led team with several American missionaries providing support. CPI describes their DNA in four parts: the Centrality of the Gospel, Christ-modeled Discipleship, City Focus, and Church Planting Movement. To date, they have initiated 21 church plants in nine key cities. 



RMCC’s relationship with the Presbyterian Church in Bangladesh (PCB) is now entering its 15th year. The Pastor of the church plant there is a former Muslim who received seminary training and is now leading a church planting movement that is making inroads throughout the country. The Presbyterian Church of Bangladesh has grown to 30 churches with 60 cell groups where believers and their families are meeting weekly; two schools designed to serve local Muslim children; and a large multi-purpose complex where the PCB is now headquartered. 

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